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Dieter Bruhns "Forms of Exchange", Digital Art

Dieter Bruhns, Forms of Exchange, People: Portraits, Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism
Maria und Wolfgang Liedermann "Erdverbunden", Painting

Maria und Wolfgang Liedermann, Erdverbunden, Abstract art, Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism
Christine Steeb "Venedig", Painting

Christine Steeb, Venedig, Landscapes, Fantasy, Contemporary Art, Abstract Expressionism
Johanna Feller "verflixt I", Miscellaneous

Johanna Feller, verflixt I, Miscellaneous People, Situations, Symbolism, Abstract Expressionism
Manfred Riffel "in den Dolomiten", Painting

Manfred Riffel, in den Dolomiten, Nature, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Christel Haag "Stay Close", Painting

Christel Haag, Stay Close, Abstract art, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Susanne Köttgen "Die Liebe zur Farbe / Serie", Painting

Susanne Köttgen, Die Liebe zur Farbe / Serie, Abstract art, Fantasy, Abstract Expressionism
Kestutis Jauniskis "Abstraction 17", Painting

Kestutis Jauniskis, Abstraction 17, Landscapes: Hills, Colour Field Painting, Expressionism
Steve Soon "KUNST!!", Painting

Steve Soon, KUNST!!, Miscellaneous, Technology, Radical Painting, Abstract Expressionism